5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 is one of the most popular car models that have been in a good demand, since its first production. For this reason alone, Peugeot 208 has been revamped many times with the installation of many cool features like the kit and a new, smooth finish. The newer model is without a doubt, one of the most enviable car model out there—as any good car dealer worth his salt will tell you.  If you need much convincing to give this product a look-over, we bring you several reasons why you need to consider buying this car model.

1. The Unique Paintjob

The mechanics are important for any car enthusiast but there is always a considerable amount of preference given to how the car model actually looks. The new Peugeot 208 has a unique paint finish that has seldom been seen anywhere else in the world. This textured paint finish is available in two colors—Ice Silver and Ice Grey. The finish is a little grainy to touch and makes the car stand out more than its counterparts. The rougher surface makes the car more resilient when it comes to scratches and is also easy to maintain as compared to other paint finishes.

Perfect for Fleet Driving

Many publications worldwide have awarded Peugeot 208 with the title of the most cost-effective investment for businesses in the fleet driving sector. This car might be small but has a good running quality, is lower in maintenance costs and driving it is equivalent to having loads of cost-effective fun. There might be a number of options available to you for personalization because Peugeot 208 is unbelievably flexible in that department. Overall, this is a non-fussy car with the perfect features for a fleet car business.

3. A Cost-Effective Option

Did you know that Peugeot 208 set a new record for driving the longest distance on a lone tank of fuel? This record was achieved under the watchful eyes of independent authorities in France– Peugeot’s home circuit. The distance was so long that they even had to change the driver a multiple times. Some might argue that driving on a smooth track is a much different experience than driving the car on the roughened roads with heavy traffic. They will be right in this argument but what they don’t realize that Peugeot 208 has an engine that can manage to go up to 94.2mpg and give out a carbon emission of only 79g/km. Now, this is one feature to boast about.

4. The Gadgets!

There many things in the interiors of Peugeot 208 that gadget geeks will rave about. The goal is to maximize the comfort and give the driver a superior driving experience. Therefore, from the leather seats to the steering wheel, everything has an extra soft finish. The car also has a 7-inch touchscreen which will give you access to the navigation, audio and all the information that you will need for your vehicle. You can even sync your smartphone with the car and take remote access to the apps from the car’s control panel itself.

5. There Is Something for Everyone

The newer models of Peugeot 208 are available in different paint schemes, wheel options and can be further personalized according to the user’s wishes. Getting so many things in only one model is bound to impress even the stringiest and pickiest drivers. Putting their consumer’s needs and choices is the one thing that Peugeot 208 gets right because it offers numerous customizations and enough choices for everyone.

The above were some reasons why you should consider buying Peugeot 208 as your next investment. Almost all the owners will vouch for the superiority of this car and you can even read some reviews to make your mind if you are still not convinced.