6 Legal Tips to Follow After a Car Accident

A car accident is so common and so dreaded, that it is almost evident that you will come across one every now and then. As more and more cars join the limited road network each year, it becomes quite obvious for accidents to be commonplace. If you have one, or come across one, the best thing to do would not be to run away. Alternatively, here are six legal tips to come out clean and safe from one of these unfortunate occasions.

1. File an Accident Report

An accident report is the most basic and essential part of post-accident procedure. Make sure you file one with the local police, including whatever you know and can recall. If you happen to be in a position of distress or in grievous injury, ensure that a trusted person can fill in details for you. These are necessary for insurance claims.

2. Talk to Insurance

Once you have received all your paperwork, speak to the insurance firm. This is an important step in recovering any money that you may have lost in the process of your unfortunate accident. In doing so, please be aware that the documents you submit to the company must be in accordance to the guidelines provided, and accurate in nature. Falsified or insufficient documents may lead to the complete rejection of your case by the concerned firm, resulting in a total loss of funds.

3. Speak Carefully and Be Aware

At the accident site, your statements may be used to help in the investigation of the case. They may also be used as evidence of the situation. It is, therefore, necessary to be very composed and careful about the statements you make. During the investigation process, consult a criminal lawyer for legal advice. This is absolutely necessary for your legal security in the matter.

4. Do Not Accept Money

If offered money on site for any reason whatsoever, be hesitant and cautious about it. Money is a tool that can be used to manipulate your case, so it is a wise idea to be aware of those who offer it to you. Avoid making on site financial settlements with the other vehicle or person involved in a crash, if there is one, because these may turn out to be your follies in court. It is easy to testify the transfer of money to suit illicit purposes. Staying alert is key to staying free from trouble.

5. Do Not Flee

Quite obviously, it is a bad idea to try and escape the sight of an accident. No matter who was at fault, fleeing can send a very obvious message across – it would mean you wish to get away without compensating for the loss. If the vehicle has been hit or an injury sustained, stay back and wait calmly for emergency services to arrive and assist you. Dial 911 and explain your situation briefly. Avoid conversations and if possible, stay in your vehicle until the authorities are there.

6. Do Not Argue or Get into A Brawl

Lastly, and fairly justifiably, do not involve yourself into a brawl. The simplest reason for this is that situations can be easily aggravated by small, meaningless fights. You may have sustained a lot of damage, but the best way to get things sorted is not through a fight. Further, any assault charges may directly influence the nature of the verdict given, should the case have to be settled in court. Ensure you maintain a peaceful distance from the others involved.

As you can see, the responsibility that you must exhibit in the case of an accident is large. It is evidently important to remain calm at all times and think with a clear mind. Keep an address book in the car with important numbers and addresses, so people will know who to contact. Maintain an emergency backup system on your device to let people at home know when you are in trouble. More importantly, remember to drive safe and be alert at all times. We wish you safety on the roads.