8 Best Luxury SUVs of All Time

When did you take a drive far from the hustles and noises of your town last time? Sometimes it’s so annoying, and yes you need a break from the noises.

However, is there any difference between driving a car not so comfortable and remaining in town with all the noises? I doubt there is. Piece of advice, drive in a luxurious car like a king. You need it.

But, if you have been saving and need a car for your family, don’t worry, I got you too. Here is a list of 8 best SUVs.

1. Porsche Macan

When you hear of the name Macan, a tiger should come to your mind. Talk posh cabin, classic exterior, and interior design and enough seats to accommodate your family.

Porsche Macan stands out because of its headlights and 10 speaker sound system. Tell me you don’t want to listen to your favorite jam while driving this car. Clearly, you do. Additionally, it’s specified to control climate and most importantly, it’s fast.

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport

This car can cover almost all terrains. Relax, even on the hardest terrain, you’ll be comfortable. It’s not bumpy. It’s ideal for a large group. Imagine a team of 7 in one car, Meridian sound system all the way up and the car is moving slowly. Exemplary isn’t it?

However, because it’s a big vehicle, it consumes much fuel. But its luxurious features will earn your heart.

3. Porsche Cayenne

Talk of breathtaking quality. No doubt it’s a Porsche. It has three powerful engines comfortable seats and offers a smooth ride.

Have you seen those roads with so many windings? Sometimes it’s difficult to take the corners on those roads. However, that is not the case with this car. It deals with winding roads easily and at the same time, you remain comfortable.

Some of the cars you’ll need to bend your body along with it as you take the corners. You don’t want that. It’s time to go comfy.

4. BMW X5

This was the first car that introduced SUV luxury nature. It still remains dynamic. Like they say, old is gold. If you are looking for a strong engine yet simple luxurious car, this is your choice. Good news is, if you are yet to own a car, you can have access to top BMW X5 lease deals in NYC. Who doesn’t want a drive in a comfortable BMW? Well, I do and I’m looking forward to that.

5. Acura RDX

I love technology and this car is loaded with the same. It’s spacious and posh. It’s a car you’ll enjoy to drive. It has amazing handling, engaging performance and offers a smooth ride.

Reliable and quality are the two names that describe it.

6. Lamborghini Urus

Definitely, it’s expensive but powerful. Sporty and super-fast. A flamboyant SUV type of car. If you are looking to spend your money, look no further.

7. Lincoln Navigator

It’s a seven-seater with the third-row seats a little raised to offer adults needed comfort. Most vehicles only allow kids on the third row because they’re not comfortable enough for adults.

But, if there are all adults in your family, then you need a family car that is big and comfortable for all, especially if you’re having a long drive.

Additionally, it has extra space for your cargo.

It’s spacious and has supportive seats.

8. Mercedes Benz GLS Class

You can never go wrong with Mercedes. It has been there for the longest time and every model is stylish.

It comfortably fits seven adults and has extra space for cargo.

Did you know it can wade through water? Now you know. It can go through 17.5 inch high. How convenient? The sound system is something else. It takes you back to youthful and energetic self.

Take Away

Now you know 8 best luxury SUVs. What’s stopping you? Go have a look and purchase or lease one for yourself.