Alfa Romeo Visconti

First launched at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show as a concept car, Alfa Romeo Visconti is a 4 door coupe based on the Alfa Romeo 159. Visconti is powered by … Read more

Alfa Romeo Scighera

A futuristic fully functional concept car, Alfa Romeo Scighera was launched in 1997 at the Turin Motor Show. The lead designer of the car is the son of Giorgetto Giugiaro, … Read more

Alfa Romeo Proteo

Designed by the then Centro Stile head Walter de Silva, the Proteo is a concept car released at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show. Proteo was based on the design of … Read more

Alfa Romeo Pandion

The Alfa Romeo Pandion is a concept car designed by longtime Alfa Romeo partners, Bertone Studios. The Pandion marks the 100 years of Alfa Romeo and was launched in 2010 … Read more

Alfa Romeo Nuvola

Launched at the Paris International Auto Show in 1996, the two door coupe was named after the Italian race car driver Tazio Nuvolari. Alfa Romeo Nuvola features 2.5 liters, Twin-Turbo … Read more

Alfa Romeo Kamal

Despite of being primarily known for its high end cars, Alfa Romeo also announced the development and launched of a crossover sports utility vehicle. The proposed design was exemplified by … Read more